Welcome to Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) is one of the largest non-academic units at the UNSW Australia (UNSW). FM provides a range of services and advice to Faculties, Divisions and the University Executive Team by providing campus master planning, infrastructure planning, development, construction, refurbishment, maintenance and environmental and space management. FM also provides a wide range of logistic and associated services to ensure a safe and secure campus environment.

Our objective

As custodians of UNSW, FM’s overall objective is to plan, design, build, maintain and secure our campus. 
FM aims to provide effective services to the University community to enhance the student and staff experience. Click here for more information on FM departments.

Latest News & Events

A proactive approach to managing our facilities

As custodians of UNSW, Facilities Management is committed to proactively managing the performance and reliability of our infrastructure and assets. The Stay in Business Program is a key focus for us again in 2016. 

Fun times for all at Kangas House

Over the university shutdown, FM was kept busy updating the playground at Kangas House – a big job for some very discerning (yet small) clients!

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